OmniFocus Action Link Creator

Use this page to quickly create OmniFocus inbox items in the form of clickable (tappable) links and email them to yourself or others.

The link creation is performed by your web browser; no user information is sent to The Omni Group's servers.

Enter a name for the action (or see an example):

Enter a note for the action (optional):

Here's your link:

Some mail clients may not fully support "Compose Mail". You may need to copy and paste your link into a new message instead.

Email OmniFocus Link Bookmarklet

The link below generates the same type of clickable OmniFocus link, but uses the current page as the action:

Email OmniFocus Link

For this particular page that's not so interesting, but if you bookmark this link you can use it to send any web page to yourself or others as an OmniFocus action. Try dragging it to your favorites bar now!

(Both of the tools on this page are more useful on computers and other devices that don't have OmniFocus installed than those that do. For a bookmarklet that cuts out the emailing step, go here)