Welcome to Wim's Subject-Oriented home page!

Why are you looking at my home page? Have you encountered me online and been so deeply moved that you want to read more about me? Are you looking through Omni's employee pages? Are you looking for some software I've written? Are you stalking me for some nefarious purpose (and wishing I'd put a more current picture up)? Are you a friend of mine wondering if I've written about you? Most likely you're just a search engine...

Last updated: 9 February, 2000. Last overhaul: 10 September, 1997.
A note --- This is my first ever Web page to be ``under construction''. That is, I intend to keep it updated as things happen. Unlike my other pages, which spring forth whole from my fingertips when I am touched by the appropriate Muse, and which then hang around indefinitely giving out stale information.