Lots of boring words

Unless otherwise noted, all of this software is copyright me, Wim Lewis, <wiml@hhhh.org> / <wiml@omnigroup.com>. It is not in the public domain. However, I give permission for anyone to use, copy, duplicate, distribute, modify, improve, or archive this software, under the following conditions:
  1. My name, address, and any copyright notices or other attributions must remain intact in the source code;
  2. Modified copies or derived works must be clearly marked as such;
  3. Any commercial software or service incorporating this software must clearly indicate that it incorporates or depends on free software;
  4. It may be used only for purposes of good, and never for evil.

Further, please note that this software is provided ``as is'', without any express or implied warranties, and so on, and so forth. In fact, for all you know it will reformat your disks and mail me your password files, and you should treat it accordingly.

Finally, please send any useful modifications, comments, or observations to me, so that I can maintain and improve these programs.

The good stuff

Please read the boring words before fetching the good stuff. Otherwise, enjoy the fruits of my labors.

I've moved my older software to another index page. The software on this page is (mostly) either in finished form or still being developed.

Python software

zipfile.py is a simple module for reading PKZIP style archives (such as Java .jar files). It can read the .ZIP file's table of contents, and optionally extract members (representing them as file-like objects). It uses zlib for decompression.

I also have some stale python code: DNS and SunRPC curiosa.

Emacs stuff

A very simple major mode for editing OpenStep/Rhapsody/MacOSX plists: plist-mode.el.

Perl software

All my Perl code is stale. O, the embarrassment!


PGP-signed MD5-sums of the sources in this directory are here.

ex-Export-Controlled software

The U.S. Government has recently changed its export restrictions for cryptographic software. I will soon be adding my old crypto stuff to this page.

Right now the only thing in this section is an implementation of CAST-128 (aka CAST5) as described in RFC 2144. This can also be used as part of Andrew Kuchling's Python Cryptography Toolkit.

Last modified: 9th February, 2000. Wim Lewis <wiml@omnigroup.com> ( My home page)